Tesla Cybertruck Unveiling: How to Watch, What to Know

At an event in Hawthorne, California, Tesla will soon their long awaited Cybertruck. The show starts at 9 PM PT, or 11 PM ET and will be live-streamed.

The day—well, night, for most of us—is finally upon us as in just mere hours Tesla will pull the drapes off of their Cybertruck model at their event. Some people that are already present have reported a Delorean being on stage, as well as a giant Tesla coil.  The link to the livestream of the event can be found on their twitter page, and is also shown below. But as we wait there’s a few things you could learn about the first truck coming from the electric giant.

For starters, the name has been confirmed multiple times, and it will be called Cybertruck. It’s an obvious reference to its futuristic design, which Elon Musk himself has characterized the truck as “Bladerunner-esque”. The design is expected to be very cab-forward with a large, sloped windshield and a long bed behind it. Tesla has been very secretive, but they have shown a couple teasers, both shown below. The most prominent feature is the razor thin LED light bar, which was confirmed to be the front of the truck.

The looks have a lot hype behind them, but the performance and practicality of the Cybertruck has some sky high expectations to reach. Elon Musk, no stranger to bold claims, has said the truck will be a better sports car than the Porsche 911 (arguably the best sports car for decades) and a better truck than the Ford F-150 (the currently best-selling truck).

Those are the two official teasers that came straight from Tesla, but some Tesla enthusiasts believe they found a hidden reference to the truck’s design. By rearranging letters from the Cybertruck logo that Tesla patented last week, people believe that you can see a profile view of the forthcoming electric truck. We can neither confirm nor deny the legitimacy of this, but it does slightly go along with the two teasers, as well as some unconfirmed leaks that have been floating around.

So, that’s about all you need to know. Soon you’ll be able to see what Tesla hopes can shake up the pick-up market with the Cybertruck. Will Tesla be able to compete with the class leaders like Chevy, Dodge, and Ford? Time will tell, but you can bet that Elon Musk thinks it will. And with the Model S being arguably the most revolutionary car of the decade, who can disagree with him?