Volkswagen Fights Back Against SUV Wave with I.D. Space Vizzion

Even though Volkswagen is guilty of releasing SUV after SUV themselves, the next car in their all-electric I.D. model lineup takes a stand against the market onslaught of large mall-crawlers. The I.D. Space Vizzion instead opts for a sleek station wagon body, and some higher-ups at Volkswagen think that moving away from SUVs is the right move.

Currently on display at the LA Auto Show, the Space Vizzion has a striking appearance which shares the same design language seen on the other VW I.D. models, and it has quite a lot of Golf ID.3 on the front fascia. Most importantly it’s a full blown wagon, and we should cherish the fact that Volkswagen is going to be putting a wagon into production as a part of their EV takeover. It’s a sign, perhaps shared by some of you, that people are getting tired of jacked up, bulky, and plain looking SUVs.

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 21: The Volkswagon I.D. Space Vizzion is shown at AutoMobility LA on November 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The four-day press and trade event precedes the Los Angeles Auto Show, which runs November 22 through December 1. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

In fact, the US CEO of Volkswagen, Scott Keogh, shares that view. Keogh told those at Roadshow that a rebellion against SUVs and Crossovers is inevitable. Adding to that, he said that “Rebellion tends not to come from 65-year-olds”, hinting that younger people are the ones that will cause the shift away from SUVs. If he’s right, then the market will surely see a decrease in SUV sales soon.

The I.D. Space Vizzion will remain on display at the LA Auto Show for the next couple days, and if anyone is in the Los Angeles area, it’s worth taking a look at, because it might be the SUV killer. If Volkswagen believes that the age of SUVs could come to and end, then there might be hope for the industry after all.



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