Mercedes Exec Confirms AMG One Hypercar Will Arrive 2021

When speaking to MotorTrend AMG’s head of product management and sales, Michael Knöller, confirmed that the AMG One will finally debut in 2021. The project had been delayed multiple times due to issues incorporating the F1-derived powertrain.

The epic hypercar showdown between Aston Martin, Mercedes-AMG, and Koenigsegg is back on. After multiple delays, it looks like AMG is confident enough to finally put a release date on the AMG One. Head of product management and sales said to MotorTrend that development of their hypercar had reached a “tipping point” and that it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.

So why were they having trouble with development of the AMG One? It all has to do with the engine, which comes right out of Formula 1 car driven by champion driver Lewis Hamilton. As it turns out, putting an F1 engine into a road car is everything but simple.

For starters, F1 engines are extremely meticulous pieces of machinery, and require a great deal of work just to start the engine. And even before starting the engine, it needs to be “warmed up” for a while before use. Then there’s the issue of cooling. In F1 cars, large radiators are housed inside the side pods to help cool the engine, but unfortunately that cooling system can’t be integrated into a road car. So to cool the engine, AMG had to spend tons of time and money developing a cooling system that’s large enough for the F1 engine.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 12: Lewis Hamilton presents the new concept car Mercedes AMG Project one at the ‘Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA)’ on September 12, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)

The biggest problem of all that the AMG One faced has been driving at slow speeds, which is likely due to the low torque output from F1 engines. Although they produce around 900 horsepower, the torque output is significantly lower. This is due to a shorter stroke and a wider bore in the cylinders, but it AMG looks to solve this issue by adding supplemental electric motors to boost the torque.

It’s clear that Mercedes-AMG has spent a few dump trucks full of money and several years developing the AMG One, which explains its $2.7 million price tag. But after years of waiting the world will soon be able to see what those in Affalterbach have been cooking up.

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