Ken Block’s Insane Ford Raptor Build Is Beyond Blinding

Ken Block’s SVC Offroad Ford Raptor is in the spotlight in his newest YouTube video.

Wait, strike that. Ken Block’s Raptor is the spotlight.

With the addition of Rigid Industries lights to the truck, Block’s Raptor is claimed to be emitting 300,000 lumens. That’s a lot.

The Hoonigan racing driver and Gymkhana star shows off his heavily modified Raptor in the new video, which is sporting a wide-body setup, shiny new graphics, suspension upgrades, and new axles.

Block starts the video by explaining the importance of lights for night-time rally racing. The video pre-upgrade version of the Raptor gets the full rundown to open the video. Block and co-host Zac Mertens point out all the new additions to the truck.

Before the Raptor gets its luminescent glow-up, the night-race lighting is provided by a light bar and the headlights.

After, the Rigid Industries lights are installed, Mertens points out the various improvements. One interesting addition is an adaptive light bar system that alters the brightness depending on the speed of the truck. Also included are about four more light bars and rows upon rows of spotlights.

Block and Mertens take the Raptor out to the desert to show off the new lighting rig. The dirt road is stocked with some obstacles to show off how much further down the road becomes visible when the lights are activated. A helpful drone shot gives viewers a chance to see just how far the lights are throwing from overhead.

Block then takes on the course using the regular light setup. He makes a second pass with the Rigid light bars activated, then finally a third lap with the entire lighting rig on full-blast.

As you may have guessed, Block’s lap time improves significantly as the lights are added, from 1:30 to 1:20 to 1:16.

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As Mertens says at the end of the video: More Light = More Speed.


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