The Sonata N Line Is Looking Mean in Leaked Photos

The Hyundai Sonata N Line is on its way, and shots of the redesigned sporty four-door are filtering out.

We already saw shots of the camouflaged Sonata N Line, but now there are undisguised pictures of the new Hyundai in all its glory.

We’ve spilled some ink here at Art of Gears talking about Hyundai’s N Line cars. We covered the smaller Elantra N Line, which is slated to have a turbocharged four-cylinder making 201 horsepower.

The Elantra’s bigger brother, meanwhile, will have Hyundai’s 2.5-liter turbocharged four, which is already in service in the Kia K5 and Genesis G80. The powerplant will be accompanied by an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (what, no manual?) and will provide 290 horsepower.

The Sonata N Line shares the aggressive styling features that were revealed on the Elantra N Line. The new photos show a lot of sharp angles in the headlights and taillights that are echoed in the shape of the large front grille.

The new sporty Sonata looks sufficiently mean to distinguish itself from the lower trim lines.

As Motor Trend reported, Hyundai R&D head Albert Biermann has brought his experience working for BMW to the Korean automaker’s new offerings. It’s hard to ignore the similarities between the new Hyundai sedans and their German competitors.

We’re still waiting to see whether Hyundai will add to its true performance offerings, which are branded “N” (rather than N Line). But the N Line cars are exciting in that they offer upgraded performance at a very reasonable price point. The Sonata N Line will likely start in the $30,000 range.