Behold the Flashy New Honda Civic Type R Pace Car

The Honda Civic Type R’s radical design gets ratcheted up another notch with flashing lights for its new role as IndyCar pace car.

We’re already fans of the Civic Type R here at Art of Gears. One of Honda’s few truly exciting cars at the moment, the Type R looks like something out of an anime film, with its futuristic jagged angles and scowling headlights.

The Drive reports that the Civic Type R is the new pace car for the IndyCar series and will make its first appearance this week at the World Wide Technology Raceway in Missouri.

The Type R pace car sports a bright blue livery that looks similar to the Boost Blue Pearl factory paint option offered by Honda. As one would expect, the Honda logo is splashed liberally across all sides of the car. The bright red accents – on the front splitter, the grille badge, the brake calipers, and the interior – are just as you’d expect from the Type R.

The pace car also sports some race-ready upgrades, like an interior roll cage and upgraded racing brakes.

However, the biggest change is the addition of flashing warning lights – befitting the Type R’s role as a pace car – that look surprisingly mean.

Honda’s promotional video shows off just how cool the Type R looks with the addition of flashing white and amber lights to the front and rear.

I won’t lie, I kind of want one now. Although the flashing lights are probably an impractical addition, the Type R just looks even better with some more lights added.