The Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered Is the Wagon We Want

The Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered isn’t coming to America, but we wish it would.

We spend a decent amount of time thinking about all of the cool cars that exist in Europe and Asia and Australia but not North America. Probably more time than is healthy. Every time an automaker announces something quirky or interesting, it’s a fair bet that it won’t be offered in the United States. Did you know Ford still manufactures the Fiesta ST? Yeah, just not in America.

The American car market has no shortage of pickup trucks and crossovers.  But smaller cars and hatchbacks tend not to hit our shores. But we can dream.

The newest object of our obsession is the Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered.

Despite its not-so-nimble name, this French wagon looks aggressive, taking a little bit of a cue from the front facade of a Dodge Charger. Imagine it with a blacked-out look.

It’s also fast, especially for a Peugeot. In fact, Peugeot says that it’s the most powerful car they’ve ever made. It has 360 horsepower, which is not too shabby, especially considering that it’s a plug-in hybrid powered by an inline four-cylinder engine and two electric motors.

The interiors photos published in Jalopnik’s writeup of the 508 Sport Engineered show tasteful green accents in an otherwise stately black-and-silver color scheme. The green really works well, and it’s an interesting choice that’s far less common than the red or blue interior accents we’re accustomed to seeing.

As far as cars we’d like to see come to the States, this one checks nearly all of the boxes. Sleek exterior design? Yes. Long roof? Yup. Extremely good fuel efficiency (purportedly 115 miles per gallon)? You got it. Plenty of horsepower? Roger.

What’s not to like? Oh yeah, the fact that it’s staying in Europe.

Just add it to the list of “would be nice.” In the meantime, we’ll keep waiting for a speedy, sexy, hybrid wagon to show up in our neck of the woods.