Does the BMW M3’s Grille Look More Like a Pig or a Spider?

The design of the new BMW M3 is causing some consternation.

The time has come to talk about BMW’s new design language.

The German luxury automaker has taken a decidedly aggressive stance with its new lineup. The decisions made by BMW’s designers for its cars in 2021 and beyond have proven to be somewhat … polarizing.

Teasers of the expanded grille on BMW test mules have been leaking online for quite some time, but now we’re actually seeing how these cars will look on the street. In particular, Jalopnik and others released some teaser images of the new BMW M3 and M4.

Let’s check in on how people are reacting:

So, maybe things aren’t going as well as BMW may have hoped.

Nonetheless, give credit to the designers. There is no question that these cars are BMWs. Strip away all of the logos and branding, and one’s mind will still visualize the iconic blue-and-white Bavarian flag emblem on the new M3.

The oversized grille is split down the middle, just as BMW’s grilles have been for decades. It’s just a bit bigger than it used to be. The common criticism has been that the redesigned grille is a little reminiscent of a pig’s snout. We can definitely see the resemblance.

However, Jalopnik goes on to say that the porcine nostrils on the M3 are not the main issue. Rather, the angry, aggressively angled headlights are what really mess up the aesthetics.

Let’s stop right there. While the grille might have a snouty quality to it, we think it looks more like the mandibles of a particularly grumpy tarantula.

A picture taken on July 12, 2018 shows a tarantula in a terrarium in Pfedelbach, Germany. (Photo by Sebastian Gollnow / dpa / AFP) / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read SEBASTIAN GOLLNOW/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Factor in the multi-lens headlights and you’ve got a distinctly arachnidian visage. Banish all thoughts of a pig-like M3:  once you see the spiderlike resemblance, it’s hard to unsee.

Of course, whether the M3 looks like a pig or a spider is beside the point, because this new iteration of BMW is going take some time to grow on us. It’s likely a matter of time before people begin to embrace the look, but early reviews are not encouraging.