Some Iconic Dodge Chargers From TV and Hollywood

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The original Dodge Charger is an American icon, and epitomizes the Muscle Car era in Detroit. It had an intimidating stance, blacked-out grille and a Mopar V8 under the hood. When it’s finished in black and the headlights are covered it reminds me of Darth Vader.

Dodge Charger Daytona 440 1969. By Simon Clay. (Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

The entertainment world has embraced the Charger and has used it as a character in television and film. Yes we pay attention to the driver but the Charger has a presence that can’t always be conveyed in words. You know that a wheelman has picked the right tool for the job when he rolls in a Charger.

The following article will focus on the first incarnation of the Dodge Charger, 1966-1970. The current ones are pretty dope, specifically when the Hellcat engine is involved, but they lack flavor relative to the late 60s version.

Whether or not if you love Mopars, you will take a second look at a Charger when it rolls by. It’s sharp car with a distinct look and great performance. Add the celluloid factor and you have an iconic car from a great era in American automotive history.

Here are three iconic Chargers that you know from Hollywood or TV:

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