What does the ‘City’ button do on your Vauxhall Corsa?

Zain Ullah - Used with permission
Zain Ullah - Used with permission /

As an owner of a Vauxhall Corsa SE Edition, i personally have always wondered what the ‘City’ button did to my car. The button is located next to the touch screen car stereo and navigation system, but what actually happens when you engage the button and why is it there?

After completing my driving lesson and practical driving test a couple of years back in the old Corsa 2007, the SE model had a huge change and upgrade, both outside and inside the vehicle from the gloss black interior trims to the heated steering wheel. The car is also able perform much better as it can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 12.5 seconds and has a maximum speed of 175km per hour.

The eco-freindly 1.4 litre drives like a dream and can also hold well in short corners and sharp turns. One major upgrade the car was given was the ‘City’ button. Now, if you like high level tech gadgets such as satellite navigations and heated seats, this button is better for those that live in tight areas and roads where turning or parking can be a major issue.

The ‘City’ button was designed in order to make the steering wheel incredibly lighter to make it easier for drivers to park in tight places whilst at a relatively moderate speed. In the Corsa handbook which can be found in the car wallet when purchasing a car, Vauxhall have stated that;

"”City mode is a feature which enables increased steering assistance at lower speed conditions, for example, to assist with parking or city traffic”"

As a student living in Manchester City which is located in the North West of England, the traffic is always high and congested in most parts of the city centre. As an owner and regular user of the ‘City’ button, i have always found it to be incredibly useful and helpful when parking in a spot that requires a difficult manoeuvre. The 5 door hatchback is definitley the best car i have owned so far and would recommend the car if your a new driver on the road or live in a busy city centre area.