Practical driving test in 2022: 5 tips to help you pass

Ty Monson touches the screen of a luxury car while at the open house of the new Lucid Motors location in Scottsdale Fashion Square on Aug. 7, 2021.Lucid Motors Ribbon Cutting
Ty Monson touches the screen of a luxury car while at the open house of the new Lucid Motors location in Scottsdale Fashion Square on Aug. 7, 2021.Lucid Motors Ribbon Cutting /

I remember the days when I used to walk, travel by bus or get a taxi to work and college. Looking at cars driving past me, just wishing I had my license to travel around. Today I will be sharing my personal tips that I hope can help you to pass your practical driving test.

After a couple of years later I have successfully passed my theory and driving practical test. This was definitely one the best days of my life so far. To help you pass your driving test, I will be providing 5 tips and advice if you’re looking to pass your driving test in order to get you the road safely.

1) Timing

When I was booking my driving test, I was struggling to choose a good timing slot where the roads would be clear. I would recommend choosing the earliest time when booking your driving test. This is definitely number one on the list as you’re more likely to pass your test if the roads are clear and less traffic is around. This also connotes to being on time to your test, try to get to the test centre as early as possible in order to meet your instructor and get familiar with the area.

2) Take a driving lesson before your driving test

I would definitely recommend you take a quick driving lesson before you arrive at the test centre. This is because you have the timing to ask your driving instructor teacher about any questions you may have before you start the test. Also ask your teacher if he is comfortable with the way you drive and perform on a roundabout as this common hotspot where drivers are likely to fail.

3) Know your car and biting point (manual)

It is important you; the driver knows how your car performs and it is your responsibility to always double check your car has no faults when you get behind the wheel. You must also know your biting point if driving a manual car as different cars have quite different biting points. Be careful when taking off from a hill as new drivers are likely to roll backwards when taking off which could fail you during your test. Also remember not to crawl forwards when waiting at the junction or to pass over the solid white line.

4) Stay within the speed limit to pass

During your driving test, I would definitely suggest you stay within the speed limit on the road. Always keep an eye out for the speed limit sign which can be located on the side of the road. Do NOT exceed the limit at any time when you are driving, whether this be whilst with the examiner or once you receive your license. Always make sure you are wearing your seat belt when getting behind the wheel as safety is your number one priority.

5) Take as many lessons as you can before you book your practical test

Before you book your test make sure you take as many lessons as you can. Learn to drive in different conditions on the road and also get familiar with the area where you have booked your test. Although there is no minimum number of required lessons from the official DVLA government website, a number of sources have stated you should take 30 to 50 hours of driving time before you book your test.

Good luck in your practical driving test, Zain Ullah and Art of Gears wish you the best on your journey. Remember to stay safe, wear a seatbelt and keep trying again if at first you do not succeed.