Is This What the New Honda Prelude Will Look Like?

Of course, news broke some time ago that Honda had filed paperwork for the Prelude nameplate. Now, the new Honda Prelude seems to be much closer to becoming reality than ever before. As many automotive fans are aware, the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show is on going, and of course, Honda is the name on everyone’s lips. At the end of the Tokyo Auto Show, the legendary automaker unveiled what it’s calling the Honda Prelude Concept. The presenter specifically mentioned the new Honda Prelude in conjunction with ‘sports models.’

Of course, no concrete details were given about the car, but many are hoping this means there will be a production model sooner rather than later.

Here’s what we know about the Honda Prelude concept.

Honda unveils the new Honda Prelude at the Tokyo Auto Show

Honda shows the new Honda Prelude at the Tokyo Auto Show

TOKYO, JAPAN – OCTOBER 25: Honda Motor Co. CEO Toshihiro Mibe poses with the company’s Prelude Concept electric vehicle during the Japan Mobility Show at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan on October 25, 2023. The show, formally known as the Tokyo Motor Show, will be held until November 05. (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

The Tokyo Auto Show is ongoing, but so far, the highlight has been the new Honda Prelude. As mentioned before, the unveiling came at the end of Honda’s presentation, which means the automaker is excited about this concept car. According to the MotorTrend, this car will serve as an introduction to the future of Honda cars. Notably, the new Honda Prelude and other new Honda models will inspire the “joy of driving.”

Though Honda didn’t give any concrete details about the new Honda Prelude, it is easily assumable that this will be an EV as automakers focus on an electrified future. Most also assume this car will use an in-house battery platform instead of the GM battery pack. The other thing that stands out about the Honda Prelude concept is its production-ready look. It’s a sleek vehicle that shouldn’t require very many changes regarding the exterior for it to be ready for mass production.

There is more information about the Honda Prelude Concept to come

Honda may not have said much about the new Honda Prelude at the Tokyo Auto Show. However, this is normal behavior for most automakers that preview vehicles that are probably further down the line. Hopefully, Honda will soon reveal more information as this is a car many have been waiting for. Of course, the original Honda Prelude lasted on the market from 1978 until 2001. The automaker discontinued it because of low sales.