3 Manufacturers That Chip Ganassi Racing Could Choose For Their IMSA/WEC Entry

With CGR & Cadillac Parting Ways in IMSA, who could step up to play with Ganassi?

Sahlens Six Hours at the Glen, June 2023
Sahlens Six Hours at the Glen, June 2023 / Brian Cleary/GettyImages

Last week saw shocking news sending waves throughout the paddock with the announcement of Chip Ganassi Racing and Cadillac parting ways after 2024.

The move will take away two of the team's entries for 2025, the #2 (WEC) & #01 (IMSA) Cadillac v-Series.R and will presumably see a new team takeover the duties of running the Cadillac brand.

While Cadillac is safe to stay, the wonder surronds around CGR and its future plans in the sport?

There is a possibility the team goes in Meyer Shank Racing route and completely departs IMSA to focus on its other racing efforts, especially IndyCar.

There is even a chance that we could see the team run an Michelin Endurance Cup schedule or one-off events. However, wouldn't we all want to see the team stick?

Losing a brand like CGR in the series in any capacity, even a shift towards a part-time schedule is a downfall. Having a brand such as Ganassi adds credibility to the sport and lures in big names.

With that said, what manufacturers then could jump in with CGR to keep them in IMSA & WEC?

1. Honda

Honda and CGR is a give me and also a fascinating pursurer.

While Honda doesn't have a make in IMSA, they do have HRD, which supports Wayne Taylor Racing w/Andretti, but, Honda also supports in IndyCar with Ganassi.

Honda has expressed interest in fielding a Honda-branded entry in IMSA, away from its Acura duo that WTR fields, and Ganassi could be the team to do it.

A Honda GTP car was spotted back at the 2024 Daytona Premier event that IMSA put together.

That car was just a show car for the public, but, the potential for Honda to run with CGR is plausible.

As mentioned the only downfall is the Acura ties with Wayne Taylor Racing w/Andretti.

HRD may not want to try and drive their focus to another program in the series in a similar class. We know manufacturers have has multiple teams run their cars such as Porsche, but, this would be a unique circumstance that may shy Honda away.

The brand though still feels like the most plausible at this moment if CGR wants to race in 2025.


Porsche has dominated this new era of top class prototype racing.

The manufacturer has the most entries across both IMSA & the FIA World Endurance Championship, but, could it add Ganassi to its program?

Unfortunately for CGR, the team would have to be a customer team if they were to create a tandem with Porsche. But, the team would have the resources and car(s) to stay competitive in both series.

Porsche has had one of the quickest entries in the Hypercar/GTP class and has not shown many reliability issues in less than two seasons of races.

Not having factory support would be a downfall for CGR running a Porsche 963 with the ties the German make has with Team Penske. However, CGR could easily get a shot to continue racing with Porsche if the storied team decided to tag in the brand.


The final manufacturer at play for CGR is Ford.

During the Prototype class era in IMSA, Chip Ganassi Racing fielded a Ford GT through the end of 2019.

For the American juggernaut, Ford is now peeling the curtain back with the team's prominent return to the top series of IMSA and WEC, with potential for the team to continue to expand.

Could that expand be an LMDh car?

Ford hasn't declared anything officially about running a LMDh/LMh entry.

The growth of the each series does bring eyes towards more major manufacturers wanting to run top class entries and Ford could be one of those brands to jump in the deep end.

Given the brand's previous experience in prototype racing, the blue oval being represented by CGR amongst the other GTPs and Hypercars is on the table.

If Ford were to field a car in 2025, the process of beginning the development on the car would have to begin very soon, if not now.

The talks very well might be underway between the two recognizable forces but something would need to get sealed soon if CGR would want to realistacly run a Ford backed entry.

There are other options outside of the Ford brand that CGR can field, including Toyota, which only have a present in WEC, but they are much more far stretched than the three discussed above.

Final Thoughts

Whatever direction Chip Ganassi decides, there is a high hope that we can continue to see the team running in IMSA & WEC.

Loosing a name as notorious in sportscar racing as Ganassi would be a huge blow to the sport and questions the financial impact these cars are having on these teams in the sport.

The options are there for Chip Ganassi to continue running in each respective racing series. Time may not be a friend when it comes to a decision being made but the team has pick of the litter.

The next few months will be crucial to seeing CGR continuing sports car operations with the team starting to set their sights on Long Beach in IMSA and Imola in WEC.