Berlin Batter: Formula E Experiences Two Physical Rounds in Germany

Nick Cassidy & Antonio Felix Da Costa scored victories in Round's 9 & 10 in the 2024 Formula E season.
2024 Berlin E-Prix Round 10
2024 Berlin E-Prix Round 10 / Handout/GettyImages

Birds of a feather stick together is a usual saying and the same can be said to describe the races this weekend in Berlin.

Both races featured a physical style, including the Round 9 feature that saw four cars DNF due to in-race incidents.

In total, the weekend saw six DNFs, a telltale sign of the battles that took place in Berlin. But it was Nick Cassidy for Jaguar TCS Racing taking the opening race on Saturday, while Antonio Felix Da Costa brought Porsche its first race win at its home track.

Following this weekend's festivities and with only six races left on the season, Nick Cassidy has taken a notable points lead in the championship race, while Jaguar TCS as a whole has a strong lead on the team championship.

The only real points grudge comes in the tangle up for the top spot in the new Manufactuerers Championship, seperating Jaguar & Porsche by only a margin of two points.

Even though the points race is sizing up, it still feels like it is up for grabs and the final stretch incoming, Formula E may see a hefty battle for the championship to close 2024.

Race 1: The Cassidy Comeback

Nick Cassidy put together a stellar run to top spot on the podium.

The race started climatic early for Round 9 following a great run in qualifying for Mahindra Racing driver Edoardo Mortara, who took pole to kick off race one of the weekend.

The battles for position was truly the story with a mid-race four wide race for the lead between Mitch Evans, Pascal Wehrlein, Oliver Rowland and Antonio Felix Da Costa.

Some of these battles did lead to heavy contact.

Lucas Di Grassi, Max Guenther, Joel Eriksson and Jake Dennis all saw some sort of damage that resulted in the four DNF'ing in Round 9, and that would ensue into Sunday's matinee.

Cassidy's run to the top of the podium was an impressive one.

Cassidy was back in 18th at one point in race and picked off the field one-by-one.

The race win for the championship leader really showed how strong Jaguar has been this season, especially down the stretch, although, it is something that Cassidy said hasn't been new to anyone.

"Not really, to be honest, I feel like," Cassidy stated when discussing this stretch of podiums. "It's always there. I've had the three podiums to start the year and then I went through three races. We had an error in qualifying in in Sao Paulo that kind of put me out of place and I didn't drive very well in the race. I put my hand up for that and I take full responsibility. Qualifying in Tokyo, I thoughtRoland and I were the reference, but unfortunately, I got disqualified and we started last on a track that you cannot pass. And then Misano, you know, P2 with Jean-Eric, when I lost my front wing and took me out of the race so. You know if I put my hand up for Sao Paulo, I would say that there's one race I haven't delivered out of 10/I've had Tokyo and Misano where I felt like I was there fighting for the win and there were kind of circumstances. Not always out of my control, but you can fight on, say, the word unlucky.It is truethat I think it swings around. I got lucky on Saturday as well, that is noted. Other guys get unlucky sometimes and you just have parts of the season that go for you and some parts that go against you and you kind of gotto  ride on the wave and you got to take the punches and that is just that's just fun."

The Jaguar TCS driver though does have a nice lead heading into Shanghai and while their is still a shot for someone to take his spot, Nick Cassidy has the keys to the title in his hand.

Race 2: Porsche Palace Win

In Race 2, Antonio Felix Da Costa also saw a similar road to the top of the podium, going from 10th to the front to bring Porsche it's first race victory at its home track of Berlin.

The race started to get chippy early, seeing constant movement in the pack from the lights going out.

Pascal Wehrlein ran out of room and hit the side of the wall early, although there was no real damage.

Max Guenther would be the first casualty resulting a second straight DNF for the Maserati driver.

Following the incident, the battle for the lead continued to heat up between Cassidy and the pair of Porsches, showcasing the top teams in a great battle for the top podium spot.

The battles would continue throughout teh duration of the final race, but Norman Nato and fill-in, Sacha Fenestraz would find themselves in an predicamate resulting in a mid-race exit for the Nissan replacement driver.

Da Costa would cruise to victory following the incident, seeing constant movements between the Jaguars and Oliver Rowland, but Da Costa smoothly made his way up the top of the podium.

Final Thoughts

As the season heads to Shanghai off the heals of wild Formula E weekend last week at Berlin, the title picture has become more clearer prior to upcoming final six races.

Nick Cassidy's 26-point cushion puts Jaguar-TCS in a great spot to take the Driver Championship. And with a healthy lead on Porsche in Team title fold, Jaguar-TCS could look for clean sweep in trophies for 2024.

Moving ahead, the Formula E Manufactuerers' Championship is as tight as any, only 2-point difference separating Porshce & Jaguar.

The key to watch will be the strategy that team's employ and how drivers focus will turn as we head to the final homestretch of the season.