Here's why ALL Tesla Cybertrucks have been recalled

Tesla Cybertruck In China
Tesla Cybertruck In China / Wang HE/GettyImages

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck to the world in 2019, in which Elon Musk smashed one of its windows in an attempt to prove the windows wouldn't break. Following this, we didn't see much of the Cybertruck until it was finally released in 2023. Since then, the pickup truck, which looks like it has escaped from a PlayStation 1 game, has been plagued with issues.

The issues start with the Tesla's lack of crumple zones, which fans of the company seem to think is a good thing, the sharp angles, which have been seen cutting people and the poor build quality, which you sort of expect at this point.

However, Tesla have a bigger issue now. A Tik-Tok user, by the name of Jose Martinez showcased the Cybertruck's issue in a video:

In the video you can see that the Tesla Cybertruck's throttle pedal sticks down, meaning the unsightly truck is capable of suddenly accelerating, with no obvious way to release the pedal. According to CNBC, Tesla had become aware of the issue on the 31st of March, but waited until 12th of April to make the decision to recall the Cybertruck.

So how do Tesla plan to fix the issue?

Well according to Tesla, all that needs to be done to fix the issue is to drill a small hole and install a rivet, a fix that should take no more than 35 seconds.