The Car Next Door: Subaru Legacy, Now With Badges and R2D2


I usually don’t think much of accessorizing cars.  I tend to think people go too far. Anything outside of hanging dice from the rear-view mirror was enough.  In fact, I saw Corvette with colored LEDs that flash blue and red, just like a cop car.

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  • Yes, that’s going too far.

    My car is missing a few things. It doesn’t feel complete. It didn’t have proper badges. I kept confusing it with an Outback, even though it’s a Legacy Wagon. Admittedly, I prefer the way it’s called in Europe, a Legacy Estate.

    This estate is a 2.5 GT.  Now, the world is going to know.

    I started with proper badging. is a quick and efficient way to find badges.  I found all sorts, but had no desire to name my car something it isn’t.  It definitely isn’t an STi.

    Awhile back, I also went to the Subaru website to find “lifestyle” badges.  They are badges that can indicate details about the car or your personality.

    In my case, I noted it was:

    • My first Subaru
    • It has over 100,000 miles
    • I run
    • I’ve completed half-marathons
    • I am a foodie
    • I have an interest in music and arts
    • I can wrench a bit
    • I like racing

    Upon completing the work for the badges, the mail man arrived with another package I had ordered awhile back.

    I don’t have a USB charger, but wanted to be a bit more creative than just the usual connection to a cigarette lighter.  I found a Star Wars R2D2 car charger that has two USB ports.

    Not only is it a charger, but R2D2 looks like a co-pilot sitting in the cup holder.  Fortunately, it isn’t just a plastic model that charges.

    Like R2D2, it rotates its head, beeps, and flashes lights.  Now, there’s some added personality to my car.

    Admittedly, I did spent quite a bit to get the badges and the car charger.  However, the car feels more personalized with some added character.

    Now for the next step, a road trip…