Krispy Kreme Tuesday Car Meet Returning June 16

Krispy Kreme Tuesday Car Meet Returning June 16
Krispy Kreme Tuesday Car Meet Returning June 16 /

1,700 confirmed going…and its only been two days since the invite went out. Ya, this car meet is going to be big.

We didn’t know that the meet was actually going down but when KKT’s official facebook page posted up an event just two days ago and the event was confirmed by an anonymous tip earlier today (June. 12, 2015) only then could we call it official. California’s (heck the world’s…you heard it here first) biggest car meet is coming back this Tuesday the 16th, and it’s going to be….on fleek.

It’s been two years since the last BIG meet invaded the Burbank Empire Center and to say it was a success was an understatement. Once word got around that this was THEE car meet to go to, thousands (literally thousands) flocked to Burbank to cop a parking space and witness history. The local news called it a Car Flash mob, the police brought in reinforcements and by the time the meet was officially done, cars were STILL rolling in.

And it looks like this time around, this meet will be a little different. Sure. Invite all your friends and bring your whole crew, but know that hooning of any sort won’t be permitted. That means no burnouts, no racing, no exhibitions of speed entering or exiting the venue and no illegal activity(…and no hating.)According to the invite,

"California Highway Patrol and Burbank Police will be there undercover and in uniform, so leave the street mentality at home."

It looks like it’s all about respect so people who show up should make sure that any trash they have is disposed of properly (take it with you) and everyone’s property is respected.  Krispy Kreme will be closed at 4 P.M. so unfortunately there won’t be any donuts available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a spot early and grab yourself a dozen before they lock the doors.

2015.6.12 KKT 1
So get ready California! Krispy Kreme Tuesday’s is back! Check out the official Facebook invite by clicking here.  It looks like a couple of car crews are having a few roll-ins from around the area. And if you want to see how awesome this meet can get, check out some of the media that rolled out after their first few meets. /

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