Why The Krispy Kreme Tuesday Car Meet Should Go On

Why The Krispy Kreme Tuesday Car Meet Should Go On
Why The Krispy Kreme Tuesday Car Meet Should Go On /

Krispy Kreme Tuesday’s organizer officially announced earlier today ( June. 15, 2015) that his page and all entities attached to that page are relieving itself of the duties as car host for Krispy Kreme Tuesday’s meet tomorrow. This is all in response to a letter received by the meet organizer from the City of Burbank’s own attorney threatening to, “take legal action against you and seek recoupment of the cost of all public resources expended in response to this illegal action.”

So, the official word is this. Krispy Kreme Tuesday meet organizers are calling off the meet BUT that doesn’t stop you from showing up ON YOUR OWN FREE WILL like any normal human being would if you so choose to do so. The City of Burbank has brought up many important points all valid, but the Krispy Kreme Car Tuesday Car Meet should continue (albeit without an official meet organizer) as it draws attention to the lack of venues for car meets, raises the reputation of car meets in general and gives an opportunity for local businesses to really take advantage of all the foot traffic.

First of all, the terms the media are using “Flash Car Mob”, “Fast and Furious.” etc. All these terms are grossly over-exaggerated to hype an event that is nothing of the sort. The City of Burbank and this event have a loooong history that stretches back close to over a decade. According to one event attendee back in 2013, he’s been going to this same meet since 2007 back when only 15  cars met up to socialize. Even then, management chased them out. There’s nothing “flash” about it. Then there’s “Fast and Furious.” Of course, the greater media wants to paint this gathering to conjur up images of 2001 when honestly it was all about the “underground” and causing a public nuisance with the illegality of street racing. But tomorrow’s gathering is the exact opposite. You could even term it “Slow and peaceful” if you so wished to. Today’s meet attendee is respectful and all too aware of the consequences of “not playing by the rules.” There won’t be anyone racing around furiously. Just cars coming in, enjoying the venue and the summer atmosphere then driving slowly out. If the all too likely outlier attempts a burnout or peels off, by all means should Burbank’s finest pull over that individual and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

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Symbolically, tomorrow’s gathering will draw much-needed attention to the lack of venues to hold such car meets. Last year, Krispy Kreme Tuesday tried its best to host a legit car meet at Irwindale Speedway and dubbed it “The Octane Festival.” The turnout wasn’t as expected due to the fact that people still showed up to the weekly gathering in Burbank the Tuesday before. Ironically, Irwindale Speedway (as well as other smaller drag strips) are all closing down in favor of outlet malls. If you boil it down to simple economics, there’s a demand for car events and drag racing that hasn’t gone down (and probably increased) since the 1950’s. The first city official to actually sit down and figure out a system to tax this demand (monetize and incentive these gatherings) would most likely keep his council seat next election.

Then there’s the actual “nuisance” of it all. Or lack thereof. When you have so many people in one place, it’s human nature to bask in the anonymity of being in such a large crowd. You can be yourself. Sometimes that means acting like a complete hoon. But by all accounts, these mega meets haven’t caused such a nuisance like its Bay Area counterparts (known for sideshows and illegal freeway stunts.) In 2013, 100 citations were given out and two arrests made. Last year, 88 citations were given out, two vehicles impounded and 74 were handed out vehicle code violations (which is bound to happen in a culture that celebrates individuality that oftentimes is against what the vehicle code actually says.) All this, tame compared to some gatherings of similar size.

Finally, there’s the economic incentive of it all. God forbid someone actually enters a restaurant or store and actually eats and buys something. By some reports, Krispy Kreme increased its sales by 30 percent in one night (….on a Tuesday…) It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the other 14 other restaurants saw a similar jump in sales. If I was a manager of any of those stores, you bet I would be staffing more people tomorrow and even throwing some specials up to get people to find a table and chow down. Everyone eats.

Even Krispy Kreme’s own Vice President stated that she supported the whole gathering in a quote back in 2013,

"“We love it,” said Wendy Glickman, vice president of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Southern California, adding that the store prepared for the crowds with extra staff and extra donuts. “People had a good time.”"

According to Amy Albano’s own words as Burbank’s first female attorney in an interview with The Burbank Leader when she was elected back in 2011.

"It’s about [finding] solutions to the problems, which is something I’m good at doing. Sometimes it’s just about a brand new set of eyes. Sometimes it’s about being proactive and finding better ways to do things."

Krispy Kreme Tuesday has been going on long before she entered office and her city has lived through two of these mega meets. Maybe it’s time that instead of working against the tide, meet organizers and city officials can collaborate to find solutions.

So tommorow’s meet will most likely go down. The meet organizer isn’t the meet organizer anymore. People who do show up, in a show of respect, should politely roll in, park and patronize the HECK of all the local resturants and busiensses. Then when you’re done hanging out, exit the Burbank Empire Center as quitely as you came in. If you want to, “act a fool”, that’s all up to you and you alone as Burbank’s finest will be their to write you up.

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