Mazda 767B Crashes During Hillclimb At The 2015 Goodwood FOS

Mazda 767b Crashes During Hillclimb At The 2015 Goodwood FOS
Mazda 767b Crashes During Hillclimb At The 2015 Goodwood FOS /

You had one job…

It looks like the infamous hill climb took its first victim earlier today at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed as Mazda’s historic Mazda 767B Group C IMSA car unfortunately understeered off course and into some hay bales lined up to protect drivers and fans watching feet away. It looks like no one was seriously hurt as the driver immediately got out of the car and proceeded to walk his way off to an ambulance with the assistance of some staff. One photographer got a bit of a scare as he jumped out of the way to avoid pieces of Mazda 767B and hay flying his way.

2015.6.26 Mazda 2
2015.6.26 Mazda 2 /
2015.6.26 Mazda 3
2015.6.26 Mazda 3 /
2015.6.26 Mazda 4
2015.6.26 Mazda 4 /

The accident took place during the 11:35 A.M- 12:25 A.M. running of the Sports 65-81, Derek Bell, Group C, post-Group C, Modern GTs running class. According to the announcers,

"“It was a fairly innocuous shunt. We thought it might get round but it smoked the barriers and it tore the rear wing and some of the bodywork off. Photographers jumping clear. It didn’t do much good to the right front corner. Everyone’s fine though and the driver climbed out. He’s been taken away for a check up. The car has been recovered and the bales have been put back in position.”"

According to Wikipedia, “The Mazda767/767B were prototype racing cars built byMazdaspeed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans running under the IMSA-spec GTP class. Two 767s were entered at 1988 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing 17th and 19th overall, however they finished behind a sole 757 which was able to finish 15th.”

It’s unfortunate that such historic cars have to go through such an ordeal. But such is the life of a racecar. Perhaps Mazda and the owner will be wise to put on some sticker tires or make sure there’s enough grip next time around. Here’s the 767B last year at the 2014 Spa Classic.

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