Aston Martin Says No Plans For A Street Legal Vulcan

Aston Martin Says No Plans For A Street Legal Vulcan
Aston Martin Says No Plans For A Street Legal Vulcan /

Talk about first world supercar problems.

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It seems that there are some very upset supercar owners tonight as Aston Martin dropped some very sad news to all 24 owners of Aston Martin Vulcans. According to an exclusive impromptu statement that the boys at Gaydon dropped on Top Gear UK earlier yesterday (July 29, 2015) it looks like there won’t be a street legal version of the 800 HP limited production run of Aston Martin’s most powerful vehicle. Sorry boys, it looks like the $2.3 million you dropped will only be for track use only. That means no driving it outside of your garage onto public property.

According to Aston Martin’s official spokesman,

"“We have been asked by a number of prospects if we could convert the car for road use. However, there are no plans to develop a road-going version and our engineers are solely focused on creating the ultimate Aston Martin track-based supercar.”"

2015.7.30 Aston 3
2015.7.30 Aston 3 /
2015.7.30 Aston 2
2015.7.30 Aston 2 /

That’s just niche supercar makers speak for, “There are only 24 of you owners out there and it’s not worth the time, money and legalise effort to go and make it road legal.” In order for a car to become certified for the road, it must pass certain crash tests as well as have the appropriate light markings for normal use. That would mean Aston Martin would have to develop a couple of units just for crash purposes and go back to the drawing board to add reinforcements where necessary if tests don’t go as planned.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way and if you throw enough money at Aston, I’m sure they can work something out. It would probably cost you more than the price of the Vulcan, but you’d be able to drive if on city streets.If you want to read more about this 800 HP beast, check out our previous piece linked above. Our take on the entire matter is go ahead and drive it on city streets anyways. Just don’t be a hoon about it.