Back To The Future Trilogy: Top 30 Vehicles

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#21- Custom Strip Star
#21- Custom Strip Star /

#21- Custom Made Strip Star

Appeared in: Back to the Future II

Just as Marty McFly jumps on his commandeered Mattel Hoverboard and latches onto a the 1987 Jeep Wrangler that we mentioned earlier, we catch a glimpse of another futuristic car that at first glance we can’t put our finger on. From certain angles the red long hooded concept car looks like an early stingray Corvette. But if you ask the designer who built it, he’ll tell you that there isn’t a piece of Corvette in the entire concept.

According to Kustomrama it’s built by Winfield’s Custom Shop under the watchful eyes of Gene Winfield,

"The Strip Star is a show and competition race car built by Gene Winfield of Winfield’s Custom Shop for the Promotions Inc Show Car Division. The Strip Star featured an asymmetrically offset hand-formed aluminum body that was mounted on a modified 1948 Ford chassis with a 107″ wheel base. The body was covered by a full belly pan underneath. The Strip Star had an electronically operated tonneau cover over the passenger seat, and an off-center asymmetrical grille and headlight assembly. The lights are French driving lights and one Honda headlight.The sleek fastback design of the Strip Star begins in the special roof over the drivers compartment and flows down to enclose the drag chute. The Strip Star was powered by a full race 427 Ford engine rated at 425 hp. The engine is coupled to a Ford 4-speed transmission that is hooked to the 1948 Ford rear end. Total weight of the car was 2300 pounds."

According to the article, the car is still driven around to this day and if you’re lucky, you can catch it at a local car show in and around Southern California.

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