Tuner shop crashes Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R into canal

Photo Credit: Nissan
Photo Credit: Nissan /

When you drop your car off at a tuner shop, the last thing you want to happen is for a shop employee to take your car and crash it into a pond.

2015.11.12 Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R
2015.11.12 Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R /

All the details of the incident are still being investigated and ironed out but if you’re a fan of Nissan GT-R’s, avert your eyes. According to The Super Car Kids earlier today (Nov. 12, 2015) NUR Performance LLC, a tuning shop in Florida, decided to take one of his clients cars out, a Nissan GT-R equipped with a Liberty Walk body kit as well as other choice modifications out for a test drive. A Nissan 350Z hydroplaned next to the GT-R and caused a crash with the shop 100 percent not at fault for the accident according to the official investigation. Check out what the actual GT-R owner had to say below as well as pictures of the GT-R before and after the accident.

First, here’s what the owner of the GT-R has to say on the matter in his own words. 

"“Ok so I’m sure there are quite a few people wanting to know why I was so down on myself the past week or so. Yes it’s true the GTR is totaled. I wasn’t driving.**2006 350Z hydroplanes and slams into the passenger side of the GTR**GTR goes down into the canal and fills with water….its toast**Dan gets out of said vehicle and talks to other driver. Police arrive along with other flashy lights.**Dan calls me in Kansas. I freak out cuz I’m drunk (Halloween) but I’m relieved to know that my FRIEND didn’t drown. I tell him to make sure he goes to the hospital and get checked out.**The following day I call the kid who was involved in the accident. He tells me what happened in between saying how sorry he is like a bazillion times and says his insurance knows about the accident.**I call GEICO…….they are taking 100% liability for the claim but unfortunately he’s maxed out at 50K.**I call my insurance they will pay me the remaining ACV for the vehicle and then go after the kid for the rest.**There’s quite a bit that can be salvaged here so plan on a wall of aftermarket parts once I’ve had a chance to see what is paid for and what isn’t.Now here is the real thing here………Dan is my friend and he has put a lot of heart and soul into the making of this thing and I know seeing it in motion made him swell with pride. It doesn’t matter who was driving…..that part is irrelevant. An accident like this can happen anywhere at anytime no matter who you are. It is a risk that we all assume when we build these beautiful machines into what we envision them as.At no point in time has Dan ever done me wrong during the time we have been working on this project and even still today he has told me “its whatever you want to do man”.I know he feels worse than I do about it. The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day he is a good guy that had an unfortunate event. I’ve had quite a few myself. I was in the Army for quite some time and can say without a doubt…….shit…….it happens. I used to tell myself in combat “You can sit there pissing and moaning about something and become another casualty or you can ruck the fuck up and continue mission.”"

Here’s what the GT-R liked look before. 

And here’s what the GT-R looked like after the crash.

It’s an awful situation all around but it looks like ultimately it was the other Nissan’s fault and not the shop owners. If the owner isn’t upset about the situation, neither should we.

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Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.