CHP Used Jumper Cables To Secure Donkey While Owner Was Found

Photo Credit: West Valley CHP via Instagram
Photo Credit: West Valley CHP via Instagram /

West Valley California Highway Patrol had to get creative and used jumper cables to secure a donkey to a patrol vehicle while the owner was found. 

Who knew that somewhere along the line as a California Highway Patrol officer you’d have to secure some livestock to the bumper of your Ford Crown Victoria. According to West Valley CHP off of Instagram earlier Saturday afternoon, that exactly what happened as an errant donkey was found on running loose around the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu walking besides traffic and generally causing a hazard. With no official rope to secure the animal, CHP officers used the next best thing in the arsenal, the jumper cables in the back of their patrol vehicle. Check out their photo below.

"This mischievous beast was reported to be on the loose and running in traffic lanes in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu earlier this month. A West Valley CHP officer located the donkey and got creative with his patrol vehicle’s jumper cables to keep it tied up until the owner arrived on scene. There’s no such thing as a routine day on this job! ⚫️🔵⚫️"

Commenters on their official facebook post are praising the officers for doing the right thing and saving the animal before it got into some serious trouble. Other commenters pointed fun at the fact that possibly this was CHP’s new tow vehicle to get stranded police cars back to the station. We’re otherwise happy that this donkey’s story had a happy ending.

And this isn’t the first time donkey’s and police have shared a similar story.

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H/T- Kron 4’s Stanley Roberts.