Does Samuel L. Jackson Daily Drive A Toyota Camry?

Photo Credit: Michelle Oosthuizen via Instagram
Photo Credit: Michelle Oosthuizen via Instagram /

Did this tourist in Beverly Hills run into Samuel L. Jackson in what looks like you run of the mill Toyota Camry? 

When you’re visiting  Los Angeles, California you’re suddenly very hyper-aware of celebrities at all times. According to one South African tourist on her recent Instagram post, she might’ve spotted Acadamy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson driving through Beverly Hills in an inconscspicious Toyota Camry. In typical California fashion, his Camry is fully stopped smack dab in the center of a pedestrian crossing.

In any other county, we’d be in uproar over his poor driving manners. But since this is L.A. and literally few people actually walk as a form of transport, we’re calling no foul on this driving faux-pas. Check out the incriminating photo below and see for yourself.

If it’s anonymity you want in Tinseltown, there’s no other car on planet earth that’ll make you blend in like an NRA member at a Republican Convention than your standard Toyota Camry. With Toyota selling 37,299 units in December of last year alone (that’s about 50 sold every hour) they’re one of the most common cars in the United States. In other words, if you’re famous, no one will take a second look at you if you’re driving one.

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If that’s the case, Samuel L. Jackson might be your everyday celebrity who values a bit of privacy. At least he’s not driving a Prius.

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