The SEMA Edition 2016 Toyota TRD Camry Is A Mid-Sized Sedan Dad Bod

Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /

Toyota brought a host of TRD spec’d cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s to SEMA including this innocuous looking Camry turned full-on Dad bod.

Reliable, always there for you in a pinch and sporty when needed. These are phrases oftentimes pegged to some of the most popular midsized sedans including the Toyota Camry. Earlier yesterday (Nov. 3, 2015) Toyota went ahead and dropped a whole fleet of TRD equipped vehicles including their SEMA Edition TRD Camry. We’ve got to hand it to Toyota. They’ve turned a sedate albeit a little aggressive looking mid-sized sedan and added a bit of cool to it. But at the end of the day, it’s still a Camry…a cool Camry…the Dad Bod of cars.

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The 2GR -FE has been the sporty engine of choice for the Toyota Camry since 2006 and while it’s a stout and reliable engine with its 268 HP and 248 lb-ft of torque it’s honestly too much engine for the Camry, thus any suspension upgrades are much appreciated.

For this SEMA Edition, TRD Springs lower the ride height a lot by one inch up front and 1.5 inches in the rear. A new set of 21-inch wheels spruce things up around all four corners and new struts, brake pads and a sweet exhaust should do wonders in overall driving feel.

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The final result is quite an impressive piece of kit. If I saw this SEMA edition TRD roll up next to me at a stop light, I would most likely grin and give a slight nod of approval to whomever’s driving it. But at the end of the day, as we’ve said before, it’s still a Camry…a cooler Camry…the Dad bod of Camry’s. And Dad bod’s are totally in right now.  #SociallyAcceptableMods

2015.11.5 Camry (5)
2015.11.5 Camry (5) /
2015.11.5 Camry (4)
2015.11.5 Camry (4) /
2015.11.5 Camry (1)
2015.11.5 Camry (1) /
2015.11.5 Camry (3)
2015.11.5 Camry (3) /