The Onion Pokes Fun At Over-Engineered 90’s Toyota Camry


There are two things that will survive the end of the world; cockroaches and Toyota Camry’s from the 90’s. Seriously though, 90’s Camry’s are one of the most over-engineered cars in the world and for good reason. Toyota needed to impress Americans and leave a good impression. They knew full well that more than 20 years later, they’d be still kicking around and humming along.

And it looks like “The Onion” finally realized this feat of engineering and ran with it in their latest piece. Supposedly the 1993 Toyota Camry was recalled for, and I quote, “Due to the fact that owners really should have bought something new by now.” That’s just classic.

Further down in the article they explain.

"With all the advances in automotive technology that have taken place, no one really had any business driving a vehicle for more than two decades. “We’re not saying you have to buy a new 2015 Camry or splurge on a flashy new hybrid, or even that your new car has to be a Toyota at all. But the bottom line is that you need to start fresh, however you choose to do so.”"

Really though, I can literally count two of my friends and three family members who STILL drive a 90’s Toyota Camry. It really is that good. As a matter of fact, there’s one for sale across the block from me with high mileage. Their asking price? $3,000. And that’s a conservative price at that.

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Back in 2013, Toyota sold its 10 millionth Camry.

If you look at the sales figures, Toyota consistently sells more than 35,000 Toyota Camrys…a month!

So here’s to the Toyota Camry. But seriously, if you’re still driving one from the mid-90’s, seriosuly consider something new.

Check out this walk around courtesy of thepete00.

H/T – The Onion