Car Buying: Is A Used Mazda 2 A Steal?

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So, what is it about a Mazda 2?

There are several elements about my previous vehicles.  My Toyota MR2’s were all lightweight vehicles with manual transmissions.  With the mid-engine setups, they were challenging to drive, especially on damp roads.  It simply did not take much for the tail to slide a bit, even after allowing the roads to dry up for a couple of hours.

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The Corolla, Police Interceptor, and Legacy GT were the only vehicles with any kind of back seat room.  The 2001 Mr2 just has a cubby behind the two seats.  Mine came with a luggage rack, which was just enough for a trip to San Francisco and another trip to Las Vegas.

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What does this all mean?  The Mazda 2 is the only car that combines any kind of practicality with fuel efficiency, light weight, a manual transmission, and a hint of sporting intentions.