Scuderia Ferrari Unveils Their SF16-H For The 2016 F1 Season

Photo Credit: Scuderia Ferrari
Photo Credit: Scuderia Ferrari /

Scuderia Ferrari unveiled their new racecar livery for the 2016 Formula 1 season.

Earlier last week we heard rumblings about that Scuderia Ferrari would be going retro in a callback to their more dominant days in Formula 1. Rumors were abound that Ferrari might ditch red altogether and maybe might go even full yellow. Some of the more solid rumors had their livery featuring more white banding around the engine cover. Earlier Friday morning Ferrari went ahead and unveiled its 2016 SF16-H for the 2016 Formula 1 season. Check out some of the exclusive photos from the press release below.

According to Ferrari,

"A shortened nose, a tapered rear end and an intriguing red-and-white livery are the signature features of the new SF16-H. The name refers to the hybrid powertrain, which enters its third season in the Formula One World Championship."

Compared to last year’s livery, the only discernable difference in color is the white around the engine cowl with the Italian colors bordering the air-intake. There’s also splashes of white around the cockpit edges as well. Most notably, the nose, for the lack of a better phrase, is quite stubby and short.

Suspension-wise, as speculated, the pull-rod suspension has been dropped and Scuderia is going for a push-rod payout.

"“The project of this car started a year ago and our goals were very ambitious. The first change is the nose and then the front suspension, also side pods and also the rear end.”“The nose is higher and the air flow is quite different. This solution is slightly different to last year.”"

Keen eyes will notice that the rear end of the SF16-H is tighter and narrower than last year. This is all meant to improve combustion as well as exiting gasses.

"“The car is tighter and narrower than last year. We tried to improve combustion and the turbo. This is a step forward from the past and we made very innovative choices.”"

As for the team’s performance leading into 2016, Sebastian Vettel had some words on how the team has changed in the last 12 months since coming from Red Bull. According to Technical Chief Simone Resta,

"“We have improved in many areas. When I came in this time last year with a lot of people changing their position and in new positions. It was a difficult time to have expectations.“We will be a strong team, as we saw last year, but we’ll be even stronger this year.”"

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Ferrari concluded by stating that, like all seasons, they will fight until the end of the championship. Mercedes will be hot on their tail with Williams not too far behind.