This Ferrari F430 Owner Drove Without Doors Because Racecar

Photo Credit: YouTube User The Leviathan
Photo Credit: YouTube User The Leviathan /

YouTuber ‘TheLeviathan’ uploaded a video of him driving around in his Ferrari F430 without doors. 

It’s cliche to say but if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. That’s certainly what Canadian Youtuber Oz Raj did when his Ferrari F430 underwent major surgery. With one of his doors out for repair, Raj decided to find out what it was like to drive a supercar sans doors. In typical VLOG fashion, Oz filmed himself hooning around in one of the lightest Ferrari F430’s to hit the road’s to date. Check out his awesome video below.

According to Oz,

"After an unfortunate incident left me without a door, I wanted to test the car and experience it in RACEMODE – Because racecar."

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Oz did admit that the absence of a door severely affected the structural rigidity of the entire car citing that the car does feel a bit softer and that his performance figures were all but shot. Surprisingly Oz comes to the conclusion that this doorless experience opened his eyes to a side of his Ferrari F430 he’s never experienced. At first, the idea of driving a doorless Ferrari seemed ridiculous but “it’s a lot of fun driving a car with no doors.”

Supercars are serious performance machines that can pull off some amazing times at the track and put serious sports cars to shame. But fast lap times isn’t the only reason people drop serious cash (err..Canadian dollars) on these street legal race cars. It’s about having fun and enjoying life in one of the most visceral ways possible. And if that experience is heightened by driving (safely of course) around without a door, so be it.

Photo Credit: YouTube User The Leviathan
Photo Credit: YouTube User The Leviathan /
Photo Credit: Vevo
Photo Credit: Vevo /

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Now if The Leviathan can make a remix of all that B-Roll of his doorless Ferrari set to Otis, that’d be awesome.

h/t- 305 Insider