Top 10 Most Expensive Trucks Money Can Buy

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#8-  2016 Ford SVT Raptor and Dodge Ram Rebel- $51,050

2017.7.8. Ford Raptor 2
2017.7.8. Ford Raptor 2 /

Both these trucks look a lot like their bare-bones counterparts but they’re far from it. With hotter engines and more capable suspensions that make them practically off-road racers, these trucks come out of the box pretty much rough and ready for anything you can throw at it. The 2016 Dodge Ram Rebel starts out at $45,200 and although the new Ford Raptor isn’t out yet( as well as the configurator), the MSRP for the last generation started out at $44,335. With a more powerful engine coming in the next generation Raptor, you can safely add another $5,000.

You can spec out a Dodge Ram Rebel. With over $7,780 in available options, naturally we tick all the boxes bringing our final net price to $51,050. Most notable options included a more powerful stereo system, a Ram box Cargo Management System, Rear camera and Remote start.

When Ford gave Car and Driver a loaded up SVT Raptor, their as-tested price was $50,965. Keep in mind if Ford comes out with a Shelby Raptor (which means supercharged) feel free to add another $17,995 to the final MSRP.

It’s quite amusing but for the price of a fully loaded truck, you can get yourself a fairly decent SVT Raptor or Ram Rebel. Which one would be more manly?An Off-Road Package or Leather seats? We’ll take a Rebel or Raptor any day.

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