Tesla Model 3: Reveal Date Feels Like Christmas

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors
Photo Credit: Tesla Motors /

Aren’t you excited about the Model 3 reveal?

I know I am.  I didn’t have all of the facts ready when the announcement was released, so I took a few stabs as to what the Model 3 would be like.  When I go to auto shows, I love hearing the feedback from every customer base.  They talk about cars, wanting a bigger back seat, a lower price point, and more power.  We all want a bigger and better car, but sometimes it just doesn’t work to the price point.  Considering the $35,000 price point for the Tesla Model 3, there is a lot to consider.

While we don’t know the exact details of the Model 3, we know the DNA of the Model 3.  We all want a piece of the Tesla spaceship.  We want to feel a part of the future.  We want to participate in making a greener planet with zero emission vehicles from the moment of purchase.

Details for reserving the Model 3 were released by Tesla Motors on twitter.

What do we know exactly?  Thanks to this article from plugincars.com, we have a few specifics.

  • It is expected to be 80% of the size of a Model S.
  • It will be at the $35,000 price point.
  • Expected range is estimated at 200 miles.

Let’s start with the size.  According the the Tesla website, the Model S is 196″ x 77.3″ in terms of length and width with the mirrors folded.  The approximate size of the Model 3 is estimated around 156.8″ x 61.84″.

If that’s the case, then get ready for a big surprise.  That isn’t anywhere near the size of a BMW 3-series, C-Class, or A4, all of which are roughly 185″ in length and 71″ in width.  As it turns out, those entry level luxury vehicles are 94% of the total length of a Model S.  What does the size compare to?  Something that I think would be far more realistic to the price point, especially with the extensive use of aluminum.

It’s similar in size to a Honda Fit, with a length of 160″.  A BMW i3 is 157.4″ inches in length.  A Toyota Yaris hatchback is 155.5″ in length according to edmunds.com.

P90171078_highRes_vehicle-automation-3 /

I’m sure that would disappoint a lot of people, especially considering the expectation of the competition is the BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-Class, and the Audi A4.  But frankly, 80% of 196 inches in length isn’t 185 inches like the aforementioned cars.

Maybe we shouldn’t focus on the “80% of Model S size” so much.

After all, we just want a 5-passenger vehicle with quick acceleration, well above average range, and to be a part of the future.

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The anticipation grows day-by-day, and until then, we can’t wait for the facts to come out for the Model 3.  We hope Elon Musk has a fully-functioning Model 3 on March 31st.  We want to see the car.  We want to see ourselves in the driver seat.  Frankly, if Tesla comes out with their version of a BMW i3, consider me impressed.  If it looks great, drives great, has the range, and offers more interior room than its’ competitors due to the powertrain arrangement, then more power to Tesla.

It would be more than enough to sway me from a Civic Touring.