Stock GMC Sierra Climbs Monster Hill

Photo Credit: DannyVE88 via Youtube
Photo Credit: DannyVE88 via Youtube /

A 2015 GMC Sierra dominated a hill climb somewhere in British Columbia.

When you’re surrounded by the natural wonders of…nature and you’ve got your trusty GMC Sierra 1500 by your side you start to think of all sorts of shenanigans. According to this YouTube video that’s been making the rounds of Facebook via freebooting, a completely bone stock 2015 GMC Sierra happens to nonchalantly take on one of the steepest hill climbs known to man.

Check out that awesome video below and let us know what you think about this epic hill climb in the comments below. Also, don’t try this at home kids.

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When a hill is nicknamed “The Widowmaker,” there’s probably an obvious reason for the legendary lore. One look at the steepness of this hill and it’s sheer length and it’s easy to see why it’s earned this nickname. And easily enough, a quick search on YouTube for Kamloops Batch Hills will reveal a long list of trucks tackling these hills.

Typically, when we see videos of hill climbs, it usually involves either serious race trucks with exterior roll cages and copious amounts of nitrous or weekend warriors who’ve done some heavy-duty fabrication to their otherwise standard trucks to turn them into hill climber extraordinaire’s.

This 2015 GMC Sierra isn’t that. Far from it, the sound and quietness emanating from the tailpipe lead us to believe that this one is as stock as they come. The 1500 is no slouch. Stock is the 4.3L V6 with 285 HP and 305 lb-ft. Alternatively, you can option out the 5.3L V8 with 383 lb-ft or the 6.2L V8 with 460 lb-ft. Pair any of those torque monsters to a 4×4 drivetrain with a locking diff, and you have a formidable hill assaulter on your hands.

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We’re not sure the specs on this particular GMC Sierra nor if it had 4×4 or a bigger engine but one thing’s for sure. This isn’t the first rodeo with a hill for that driver and he sure trusts his truck to do such an awesome stunt. God forbid he got it wrong and sweet lady gravity would’ve done a mean number on that Sierra.