Pothole Dummy: How To Follow This Heroic Dodge Charger Live

Photo Credit: Advanced Autoparts via @PotholeDummy
Photo Credit: Advanced Autoparts via @PotholeDummy /

Advanced Auto Parts has teamed up with Monroe Shocks and Moog Steering to find out just how many potholes one car can take. 

With the inevitable change of seasons from winter to spring comes the melting of the surrounding snow. This leads to vehicles running over segments of pavement that have expanded due to water expanding over the colder days of winter. And before you know it, a pothole is formed. Rather than wait on local universities and the greater scientific community to find out just how much punishment one car can take, Advanced Auto parts  (in partnership with Monroe Shocks and Moog Steering) have taken it upon themselves to find out for our sake.

Dubbed the Pothole Dummy, they’ve outfitted a Dodge Charger with over 100,000 miles on the clock with new steering and suspension components with one mission. That mission is to find out just how many potholes they can hit before something breaks. And here’s how you can follow the madness live.

  • Twitter: Follow @PotholeDummy on twitter for all their latest tweets.
  • Live Stream: Head on over to PotholeDummy.com and check out their live stream that pops up from time to time.
  • YouTube: Every day this week (April 4-8) they’ll be uploading a recap video so head on over to Advanced Auto Parts’s channel to follow along.
  • Live Map: If you’re in the Chicago area, head on over to PotholeDummy.com on check out their live map. We reckon when it’s moving you just might be able to snag a selfie with this motley crew of pavement pounding heroes.

If you’re wondering, OEM car companies do extensive pothole testing albeit in their own way. But all that testing is done in controlled environments under monitored test conditions. This is the real world and potholes running the gamut of extremes in depth and length may trump what any car can will ever experience behind surveillance fences.

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Follow this Dodge Charger on its epic journey and give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. It’ll be an epic experiment and we can’t wait to see what results they come up with at the end of the week.