Does Top Gear Need The Grand Tour To Survive?

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For a year now we have been banging the drum on how we hate the changes to Top Gear and can’t wait for The Grand Tour. Could it be that we need The Grand Tour to start so we can enjoy Top Gear again?

As one of the biggest Top Gear fans here in the USA, I was angered by the dismantling of the show and the reinvented Chris Evans version. I do think that until we have a platform for the original Top Gear presenters on TV, us Top Gear fans will never give it a fair chance again.

I am chomping at the bit to see Clarkson, Hamond, and May on their new Amazon show The Grand Tour. One thing I realize is that once it is airing I will have another car show I love to watch. My fix for the Jezza and the gang will be filled. Then I will be more open to try the new Top Gear again.

We have all seen the reports that The Grand Tour will not be allowed to use some of the unique elements from Top Gear. That is a good thing. I have faith that Clarkson and the boys are going to come up with some great new segments for TGT. Then we might be able to enjoy the segments on Top Gear again. We will know that the old gang won’t be doing them.

The extended break between the return of TG after the firing of Clarkson and the start of TGT has left the fan base clamoring for the original cast. It might have been a horrible idea to bring Top Gear back before the Grand Tour. All fans had to compare to was the old episodes of the show they loved. Once they see The Grand Tour they will have something new to compare to. They might or might not like it.

Personally, I think the departure of Chris Evans was a good thing. I still believe they thought they were bringing on the Evans that was a frequent guest on TG, not the BBC2 radio host. The rest of the cast actually brought a new flavor to the show. I found them refreshing if not for Evans over the top personality.

There are reports all over the map on what the BBC is going to do in adding another presenter to Top Gear. Any attempt to again replace Clarkson will be a disaster. I have thought that a younger racing personality (ringing Jenson Button) could be the missing piece that could restart the show.

Once The Grand Tour premieres, we will welcome our old friends back into our lives. It will be like that warm blanket you bring back out in the fall. Then hopefully we will give Top Gear another chance again. This time though as a new show. Not the one that broke our heart, but another show that is fun and has cool cars.

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