Cadillac, Not Your Grandfathers Land Yacht Anymore

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images
Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images /

The transformation of Cadillac from a grandparents car to the luxury sedan it is today is nothing less than remarkable. The Escala concept is the latest example of the new Cadillac.

For those of us in our 40’s, we grew up with Cadillac’s that covered a lot of ground sitting still. Land Yachts with decades old styling cues that floated along the road. It seemed every real estate agent had a Deville with a trunk that you could play in with three friends.

Then in the 80’s General Motors started to take the iconic brand and slap it on upgraded versions of Chevrolet mid-sized sedans. It took the once proud identity of Cadillac and turned it into a second rate luxury car. Loyal owners started to turn away, and a new direction was needed for the brand.

The turnaround started in an unfamiliar area for the car maker, the SUV. GM took its popular Suburban/Tahoe and upgraded the interior, added some styling cues and branded it the Cadillac Escalade. It  was a hit with a younger customer looking for a luxury SUV to take the kids to school in.

Since then Cadillac has transformed its entire line with modern styling and distinctive features to reestablish itself as Americas premier luxury car maker. From the CTS-V sports coupe to the new ELR plug-in hybrid, they have been on the cutting edge of car making. Today’s Cadillac has an entirely new identity that has its future looking bright.

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In August we got a glimpse of the future of Cadillac, the Escala. A sedan that looks like it is from the future. Powered by a prototype twin turbo 4.2l V8, this car has the performance of its europian counterparts. With a digital display capable of just about any layout of instrumentation you could imagine, it is a drivers delight. No detail has been missed in this glimpse into the future of Cadillac.

With the signature, vertical headlights powered by improved OLED elements, the view from the front has an evil touch to it. Integrated in-seat entertainment systems for the passengers is a welcome return for parents. Cadillac has thought of it all in this its latest concept car.

There is nothing more difficult that to change the identity of a historic brand. Cadillac has done just that and put itself in the class of Mercedes and BMW for best luxury performance sedans.

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