Tesla Model S: Why This Car Is Just Not Meant for the Track

Front view of Tesla Model S (Photo Getty Images)
Front view of Tesla Model S (Photo Getty Images) /

Car and Driver take the Tesla P85D Model S to Virginia International Raceway and find out that this car is just not meant for the track.

The Tesla Model S is a work of Art. But let’s be real; unless we are talking about the Tesla’s off-the-line performance, this car is not something you want to bet your paycheck on at the track.

While there are plenty of YouTube Videos of the Model S spanking some big name muscle cars in head-to-head straight line drag races, the Tesla has come up short at attempting to strut its “electric” stuff on a road course track.

Earlier this month, Car and Driver took temporary ownership of a Tesla P85D Model S, to see how this popular sedan would perform at the track. The playground? A single hot lap at none other than the unforgiving Virginia International Raceway, or VIR.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of actually racing at VIR, as an eSports racer, I have spent countless hours on this exact track in Forza 6. Not to come to Tesla’s defense, but the track at Virginia International Raceway is one of the most frustrating and exhilarating tracks that you can run in a SIM racer. The combination of speed and tight turns make speed management key to logging good consistent lap times.

Tesla Model S VIR Hot Lap Results?

Well let’s just say it was nothing to write home about. Unless you want to send it to your neighbor who thinks his shiny new electric car is untouchable! Here is the video of the hot lap at VIR:

The video pretty much sums up what we already know; the battery technology for these vehicles to be able to sustain the power necessary to be a threat at the track, is just not there yet. Even drivers in the Formula E racing series have to swap out vehicles mid-race in order to keep the series fresh and exciting.

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Wanna see what it looks like to race the Tesla Model S at VIR in Forza 6? Enjoy:

So what do you think? Are you surprised with how the Model S performed on the track? One thing I think we can all agree on is that the technology Tesla has managed to put into these vehicles is pretty amazing. But when it comes to a full day of racing, I think I’ll stick to pulling out my “gas guzzler” for the track .