Road Trip to the Bondurant SRT Experience

There are over 100 SRT vehicles ready to run at Bondurant (Photo Art of Gears)
There are over 100 SRT vehicles ready to run at Bondurant (Photo Art of Gears) /
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What is the Bondurant SRT Experience?

The Bondurant SRT experience is a free one-day course available to every new Dodge SRT owner. MOPAR fans can also pay to attend this driving school for $699. During the school, students spend time performing a variety of different driving techniques, including skid pad, accident avoidance, autocross, lead follow, and an instructor driven hot-lap in a Challenger Hellcat.

The cars included in the program were the Dodge Charger Scat Pack, the Dodge Challenger SRT 392, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and most importantly for me was the Dodge Viper.

This was also not my first time at Bondurant. I was a graduate of the 4-day advanced course back when they were partnered with Ford. I enjoyed the multi-day school so much that I actually stayed an extra day to take part in the Ultimate Shifter Kart course as well. When they asked me if I wanted to drive a shifter kart around a race track for a complete day, it was a no-brainer! So let’s just say I knew the SRT experience was going to be just as fun.

Of course, I chose to drive the RS all the way to Bondurant! (Photo Art of Gears) /

For the SRT experience, I didn’t want to use the “media” card to get any special treatment. Why? Because this one was on my bucket list, remember? My goal; get in the Viper. And get in the Viper on the track.

So when I called to confirm my seat, I simply didn’t mention anything other than wanting to attend the course.  You see, the SRT experience is only a 1-day course, and I knew that day would go by quick.

It’s also important to point out that because this course is open to all new SRT owners, drivers come to this school with a variety of different driving skill levels, and some just want to learn what their vehicles are actually capable of. That’s why I enjoy attending so many different driving schools; you always come away from a school with a new tool that will make you a better driver.