Would You Buy the All Wheel Drive Challenger GT?

Challenger GT AWD Concept (Photo YouTube)
Challenger GT AWD Concept (Photo YouTube) /

Dodge has plans to release an All-Wheel-Drive V-6 version of their very popular Dodge Challenger. But do we really need the Challenger GT? 

Last year at SEMA, Dodge unveiled a new concept car called the Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept. I just happened to be up there with my own Challenger SRT 392 build that week as well, so you can bet I was very interested in checking this particular concept vehicle out.

Let’s just say that I immediately fell in love with the AWD Concept! In my opinion, building an all-wheel-drive version was the perfect answer to effectively managing all that power the mighty Hemi engine puts out.

It is important to point out that the Challenger GT AWD that Dodge brought to SEMA was only a concept, and there were no plans of it ever being released. But it still was one of the more popular vehicles on display.

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Built off of the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 Scat Pack 3 version, the car would have an estimated 447hp and 454 lb-ft of torque. To all 4 wheels! Did I mention that it also featured the new eight-speed paddle-shift transmission? I immediately had dreams of track days at Willow Springs…

Even though the V-8 version was never built, I really liked the idea. Well, Dodge now is planning on building an AWD Challenger, but it might not be the one you are in the market for. And No, its not the Hellcat version either!

Dodge will create its first all-wheel-drive muscle car version that will feature a V-6 engine called the GT AWD. The V-6 version is said to be announced officially this fall. If you remember, AWD systems have been been available for the Charger sedan as well as the 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit police packages too.

Sound interesting? I know that most of us are thinking. “but why a V-6?” I have spent a lot of time in the SRT Challenger, and the only limitation that car has is keeping the rubber planted on the road. I think the answer simply comes down to cost to the consumer.

The Challenger is one of Dodge’s most popular vehicles, but it’s RWD system limits consumers that live in areas with ever changing weather patterns, from truly enjoying this vehicle year round. For SRT owners out here in SoCal, it’s not really an issue. I imagine the new AWD V-6 version may just bring out potential new buyers that might be affected by this.

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We will be keeping an eye out on the official release from Dodge about the new Challenger GT AWD, and will keep you up to date with all the details. Art of Gears will also be attending the Bondurant SRT Track experience next month, so we will see if we can get any further details. Bondurant Race School has now officially partnered with the Dodge SRT lineup.

To check out the current lineup of Dodge vehicles, check out the official website here: