The Grand Tour Comes Back To The USA In Nashville

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In a tweet, Jeremy Clarkson let the world know The Grand Tour tent will be visiting music city, Nashville Tennessee.

For those of us in the United States, we have to be excited that Jezza, the hampster, and captain slow will be returning for a second episode of the first series of their new show. A taping of The Grand Tour in Nashville is scheduled for November 21st.

The location they chose for their return, Nashville, is a bit of a surprise. After going to Los Angeles, the trip to Nashville will be quite a contrast. Viewers will be in for quite a treat though that do not know the area.

With the Appalachian mountains surrounding the area, picturesque drives are abundant. If they are looking for a track, there are several options in town as well. Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway is steeped in NASCAR history and lore. Nashville Superspeedway has not hosted a race since 2011 but its concrete surface is still there and also available to use.

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The diversity of the filming locations for The Grand Tour is driving a lot of the excitement for the new show. The trip to Nashville will follow a taping in Stuttgart Germany. This on the heels of trips to Great Britan, the Netherlands, and Holland. They chose South Africa as the first location to film several weeks ago. The frequent flier miles are really adding up.

With the debut of The Grand Tour on November 18th fast approaching, it is hard to believe that half the first series will be filmed before the first show streams. The eclectic locations that have been used for the show are ensuring a unique feel to every episode. While the tent studio will provide some familiarity.

It is amazing how The Grand Tour is mixing traditional show elements with a decidedly revolutionary production. Moving the location for every show will make every episode a must see. While releasing one show at a time helps build the popularity using traditional methods. It could be a transformational moment for television.

Bringing the show to Amazon Prime’s streaming service seemed like quite a risk when first announced. The closer we get to the shows November 18th debut it seems brilliant. The freedom that The Grand Tour has had looks to be making something we have never seen before.

The Grand Tour very well could be the first streaming-only show to syndicate to terrestrial television. Rumors are swirling everywhere that Amazon will sell syndication rights to offset the massive production costs. Another revolutionary move by a show that’s stars were all born before color TV.

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Having lived in and driven around Nashville I am very excited to see what the guys come up with. One thing I know for certain, Clarkson will make fun of NASCAR. Hopefully, they will have some guests on to help him understand the king of American auto racing. Our wait is almost over, less than a month and The Grand Tour will be available to stream!!!