The List Of Our Favorite Cars Of 2016

Photo: Martin Feigen Art of Gears
Photo: Martin Feigen Art of Gears /
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Hoonicorn Mustang
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Ken Block’s Hoonicorn 2

OK, anyone who has seen Ken Blocks’s Hoonicorn 2 mustang comes away shaking their heads. The all wheel drive, 1400hp twin-turbo drift monster is about as crazy as it gets. Everywhere the car goes it makes headlines. Some good, some not so good. It has to be on the list of cars of 2016!

On a trip to England to film Top Gear, Ken Block took Matt LeBlanc out and drifted around a war memorial that garnered some very unfriendly headlines. Oh well, anyone who saw what he did was amazed at what he had built. I expect 2017 will see a lot of the Hoonicorn 2 burning tires around the globe.

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I have to give an honorable mention to Tanner Foust’s rally Beatle. When I first heard about him moving to Volkswagon with the Beatle I could not even picture it. They have worked miracles with that program and proven me wrong at every step.