Couple Things We Will Miss About Chargers Stadium

Chillin at Charger Stadium (Photo Kelly G.)
Chillin at Charger Stadium (Photo Kelly G.) /
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2. Chargers Tailgate Parties

San Diego
Gonna miss those Chargers tailgate parties! (Photo by Kirby Lee/NFLPhotoLibrary) /

You know we had to throw this one in here, it’s America’s Finest City! Chargers tailgate parties were epic, and with the Stadium Centrally located in Mission Valley, it was an ideal area for family and friends to go tailgating before the game.

The addition of the Chargers Power Party made heading out to the “Q” even better and was a free, kid-friendly area that fans could take part in the tailgate experience and watch NFL Sunday Ticket all without having to worry about the drive. Did we mention that one of the SD Trolley stops is right inside the “Q”?

1. Weekend Drives To Qualcomm Stadium

Chargers Stadium (Photo Art of Gears.) /

So I put this one in here not because it was my number one reason I will miss Chargers Stadium, but because I really do plan a lot of my weekend drives around that particular area.

And more often than not, I find myself driving into the stadium on those drives just to see what weekend activities are going on.

All of the previous events that I just mentioned I have also enjoyed watching on my weekend drives to the stadium. And with the Chargers move to LA, it’s hard not to think that my Qualcomm Stadium trips may become a thing of the past as well.

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And I have to say that for car guys like myself that enjoy the many racing venues that are held each year in the parking lot at the “Q,” it really is a hard pill to swallow.