Will Aaron Kaufman Leaving Gas Monkey Garage Help Fast N Loud

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman pose beside their latest masterpiece, a 1972 Ford Pantera. Photo courtesy Discovery
Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman pose beside their latest masterpiece, a 1972 Ford Pantera. Photo courtesy Discovery /

The departure of Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage came a quite a shock to fans. Will his departure actually breath new life into the shop and Fast N Loud?

One of the main reasons that reality TV shows die is they get stuck in a rut. Once they are stuck in a repeating pattern of the show’s format, artificial drama is inserted and usually is the final nail in the coffin. Anyone remember the last season of American Chopper? It was painful.

Even though Aaron’s departure has yet to air, all indications are that it is an amicable separation. For a television product, if it had gone terribly wrong, we would all know about it. Even more, they would be playing it up every chance they could get.

The big question going forward has been more about the direction of the show once the bearded one leaves. The builds on Fast N Loud are always directed by Aaron. Without him leading the Monkey’s, new designs and ideas could be brought into the show. We could see builds coming out of Gas Monkey Garage we would have never seen with Aaron there.

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Before you start screaming at me, I loved what Aaron did. His creations are some of the best builds I have ever seen on TV. The Gas Monkey GT is a prime example. Also the Challenger Skat Pack, that was a brilliant concept. Without Aaron Kaufman there, those builds do not turn out as great as they did.

What I am trying to say is, whoever turns out to be the new design head will have a completely different perspective. As much as I liked what Kaufman did, he had a standard go to of lowering and widening everything. After 4 years of seeing the same tendencies, a fresh set of eyes could be refreshing.

For me, I would love to see a touch more attention to originality to go with the custom. Everything does not need to be slammed or have airbags thrown on it. It would be interesting to see what that crew could do with at stock height with modern pieces.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Gas Monkey Garage started building rat rods. I have not understood why they do not get back to their roots, with some modern touches. It is all there, they just seem to have not wanted to do it. A new leader in the shop will have a blank canvas to draw on.

As a big fan of Fast N Loud, I am nervous and excited about what the future without Aaron Kaufman. I do know for sure when the next season begins I will be glued to my TV to see what is coming out of Gas Monkey Garage.

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