McLaren’s $2.5 million BP23 Hyper-GT Supercar Already Sold Out!

Courtesy: McLaren Media
Courtesy: McLaren Media /

McLaren is busy with the development of the BP23 Hyper-GT supercar and all 106 units of the ultra-exclusive Grand Tourer have already found takers. We on other hand, get one more teaser sketch.

Deep inside the bowels of McLaren’s facility in Woking lies the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division. Those are the skunkworks who build bespoke, ultra-exotic, one-off cars for customers who don’t know what to do with all the money that they have. The former brigade has been busy these days with the work on the upcoming BP23 Hyper-GT supercar. We’d like to think of this machine as a spiritual successor of sorts of the legendary McLaren F1 in many aspects. The manufacturer has a different car in mind though, as the F1’s successor.

The manufacturer has released a couple of teaser sketches. The latest one is more of a design outline which gives a very basic idea on how the BP23 looks. The BP23 nomenclature stands for Bespoke Project 2 with the 3 being a reference to the 3 seat-layout. Yes, just like the McLaren F1. This one will be coming with the steering wheel right at the center too with the passenger seats on either side of the driver.

The bodywork is carbon-fiber fare and the powertrain is going to be a hybrid one. The carkmaker is super-excited about the BP23 that they have even gone to the extent of calling it “the most powerful and most aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever”. To put things in perspective, the McLaren P1 belts out 903 hp of power. So expect to see an additional herd of horses to galloping out of the BP23’s engine bay.

Courtesy: McLaren Media /

The BP23 will also be classified under the McLaren Ultimate Series family. Customers will be working closely with the MSO team to customize the car to suit their unique tastes and preferences. Deliveries will commence in early 2019.

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Don’t bother about getting one of these as all the 106 units of the $2.5 million BP23 have already been spoken for. The carmaker intends to stick to the 106-unit production run to keep the numbers same as that of the original McLaren F1. So chances of them being generous with the production figures is quite less.