Aaron Kaufman: Fast N’ Loud Ex-Host Speaks About Arclight Fab

Courtesy: Arclight Fab
Courtesy: Arclight Fab /

The Fast N’ Loud ex-host is back. Aaron Kaufman will be working on parts for classic Ford F-100 trucks with his new fabrication shop – Arclight Fab.

We had extensively covered the exit of Aaron Kaufman from Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud show – the series which he had been co-hosting with Richard Rawlings. In fact, the builder’s departure from Gas Monkey Garage was one of the most-discussed topics in the car builder circle. After taking a brief break, the man with the big beard is back in business, literally, as he and Jonathan Mansour have opened up a fabrication shop in Dallas, Texas – Arclight Fab.

In one of our previous posts on Kaufman leaving the Discovery show, we had mentioned about his plans to put up a shop which fabricates parts for 57-79 Ford trucks. In the second instalment to that post he let us in on more info regarding his plans for the future away from television and how it revolved around classic Ford trucks.

The reasoning was plain and simple. There are many establishments which create parts for classic Chevy trucks. In the case of Fords, there’s a massive void waiting to be filled since aftermarket part manufacturers and supplier are less. Plus, Aaron Kaufman has always been a Ford guy. It was only a matter of time before he dived into the segment, and with Arclight Fab, he just did that.

Aaron Kaufman Arclight Fabrication
Courtesy: Arclight Fab /

You may also have to check out the premier issue of the F-100 Builder’s Guide as Aaron Kaufman has been featured on the cover with an “exclusive interview” tagline.

In a recent video posted on the YouTube channel dedicated to the new web series – The Lowlife Show – Kaufman speaks in detail about what Arclight Fabrication does. Operating out of Dallas, Texas, Arclight Fab will focus on vintage Ford F-100 trucks, crafting everything you need to restore and deck up your classic Ford truck.

Aaron Kaufman Arclight Fabrication
Courtesy: Arclight Fab /

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Suspension upgrades, full chassis, motor programs, soft components, electronics and even wheels are part of the man’s plan for his new company. Kaufman is supremely confident about the venture and the excitement that he has is almost infectious.

We’ll be seeing the parts coming out of the shop later this year and the brochure will have more variety to offer in early 2018. Until then, you can always hop in to the shop set up at Arclight Fab’s official site and buy yourself a couple of official merchandise. There are T-shirts, hats and decals over there which will appeal to ardent fans of Kaufman and his work.

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And of course, we are certain that everybody’s favorite car builder is going to make it big with his new, passion-driven project. You can follow Arclight Fab on the following social media channels – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Source: YouTube (Lowlife Video Channel), Arclight Fab