Jeremy Clarkson Recovers And Returns To Filming The Grand Tour Season 2

(Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images) /

After that nasty pneumonia attack put him out of shooting for weeks, Jeremy Clarkson has returned to wrap up Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour Season 2 has been going through a rough patch for the past couple of months. The filming schedule faced multiple setbacks. Richard Hammond crashed in a Rimac Concept One supercar and Jeremy Clarkson was hospitalized where he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Richard is still recovering from the accident which broke his leg. But Jezza has made a quicker return to his duties in filming the remain portions of the hit motoring show on Amazon Prime.

The rumor on Clarkson resuming work after the long sick leave was confirmed by the show’s producer Andy Wilman. Mr. Wilman (The Grand Tour fans are familiar with that name.) was present at the Royal Television Society biannual convention in Cambridge where he clarified the current status of the series host.

On September 13, this is what Wilman had to say about Jeremy Clarkson. We are borrowing his statement from the Radio Times report.

"He’s cleared to film from today; so some doctor somewhere has accepted the bribe and signed him off fit, so they’re all back doing a thing. We’re playing catch-up now with our filming schedule like crazy."

The Grand Tour
(Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images) /

Amazon Prime hasn’t made any official announcements yet on the release date of The Grand Tour Season 2.

In August, Jeremy Clarkson was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia while vacationing in Spain and had been under treatment since then. Though the estimated recovery period was close to ten months, Jezza got back on his feet in six. After all, this man isn’t going to let a microorganism decide his fate.

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Fans are hoping to see the new batch of episodes hit the streaming service towards the end of the year. Given the large scale and scope of production which got affected by the delays, the producers and creative team must fire on all cylinders to make that happen.

Source: Radio Times