Jaguar Land Rover May Buy Another Luxury Carmaker Brand

Courtesy: Jaguar Newsroom
Courtesy: Jaguar Newsroom /

Jaguar Land Rover has money in the bank, critically and commercially successful cars on the road and can afford to have a couple of brands under its umbrella now. Because, why not?

With great reviews and solid sales coming in for its entire range of cars and SUVs, Jaguar Land Rover is on a roll these days. JLR is also embracing the electric/hybrid car phenomenon while still preserving the beauty, performance and capabilities that make its cars stand out in the crowd. Now we have a bigger piece of rumor to play around with. Bloomberg reports that JLR is now planning to expand and diversify by acquiring another brand.

While the information comes from multiple sources inside JLR, the Bloomberg report states that Jaguar Land Rover may be looking for brands that complement its current range, brand value, image and brand identity. The Tata Motors Limited-owned JLR will also be shopping for technology firms which can aid the company with its ambitious electrification plans.

Jaguar Land Rover has been a successful business acquisition for the Indian conglomerate which now has more than $6.1 billion in the bank. And as per Tata Motors Group Chief Financial Officer C Ramakrishnan, the parent company will be more than pleased to direct funds towards strengthening JLR with new products, technology and facilities.

Jaguar E-Type ZERO
Courtesy: Jaguar Newsroom /

Once Tata Group gives the green light to JLR, it’ll initiate the first-ever acquisition by Jaguar Land Rover after it was acquired by Tata Motors Limited, way back in 2008.

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JLR will have a couple of good options to consider when it starts the search for a luxury brand that goes well with the image it possesses now. Even Volkswagen may be ready to part with Ducati if given the right kind of push, as the Germans are still unsure about keeping or selling the Italian motorcycle brand.

FCA is also in the news (Automotive News Europe, in particular) recently with its plans to spin off a couple of brands under its belt. In fact, that would be the right place to start shopping. Maserati and Alfa Romeo may be competing with Jags in the market. Making one of those two a part of the JLR family will keep the money flowing to the same account.

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What makes FCA brands easier to grab is FCA’s eagerness to lose some weight or even share it with a partner, so that it can focus on the money-making brands of Dodge and Jeep. This also implies that the Fiat-Chrysler firm may also let go of its components business which includes famous names like Magneti Marelli, which is another item for Jaguar Land Rover to pick up and add to its cart.

Source: Bloomberg, Automotive News Europe