Garage Rehab: Watch An Exclusive Clip From The Season One Finale

(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Dodge)
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Dodge) /

Richard Rawlings and crew are winding up the first season of Garage Rehab this week and thanks to our friends at Discovery, we have an exclusive clip from the finale episode to share.

I stumbled upon Garage Rehab by accident and to be honest, wasn’t so sure about it making a fan out of me. But that’s exactly what the new Richard Rawlings show did in its first season. Teaming up with Russell J. Holmes as project manager and Chris Stephens as garage designer, Rawlings pulled off another winner for Pilgrim Media Group and Discovery. And I had one more show to add to the ever-going list of series to watch.

Let me save most of the review and analysis for another elaborate post as the news at hand is more about the season one of Garage Rehab coming to a conclusion. Thanks to our good friends at Discovery, we have a short summary and an exclusive clip from the season one finale which will air on Wednesday. 25 October at 10 PM. It’s the turn of Abel Racing to get a nitrous-injected reboot from the Garage Rehab team.

"Richard and crew struggle to turn around a huge 8,000 sqft speed shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is the largest garage they’ve done and almost an impossible feat to accomplish, but with a genius tuner as the co-owner, it’s a job they want to take."

To those who missed the show completely, Garage Rehab features Richard, Russell and Chris joining forces to help struggling garages across the US back to their feet. Garage owners apply through the Pilgrim Studios site and if the team finds your pitch to be convincing enough, they’ll reach out to you. Things get rolling from there.

In Garage Rehab, what the owners receive in addition to a complete reboot of their inventory and premises, is the much-needed business direction on how to market their brands to the right audience.

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Richard will direct his money, time and contacts towards reviving the business in a week’s time. His crew will plan and execute the complex process of wiping the slate clean and essentially rebuilding the garage from ground up, all of that in one week. It’s one cumbersome and challenging task with everything from the weather to the garage staff themselves making life less-easier for the team. But the whole fun is in watching the garages change from their pretty bad conditions to slick and fully-loaded establishments, ready to make cash and conduct strong business.

With the wealth of knowledge garnered while transforming Gas Monkey Garage from an auto shop to a brand and then to a thriving empire, Richard Rawlings has what it takes to give these businesses not just a fighting chance, but a solid platform for starting all over again. Running a world-renowned auto shop, tie-in Bar N’ Grill restaurants, merchandise line and above all, the Fast N’ Loud show has bestowed him with a thorough understanding of multiple industries and domains. This is something that the garage owners can draw upon and apply to their own businesses.

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Garage Rehab is different from Fast N’ Loud.

This isn’t a proper “car show” as such. But it is one definitely worth checking out. Garage Rehab revolves around the places where cars are fixed, maintained and even built. Rebuilding a rundown car is a hard job. Rebuilding a rundown shop is harder. And Garage Rehab does that in a stellar fashion. Plus, you get a bunch of tips and tricks on the business.

If you’d like to catch up on the past episodes of Garage Rehab, you can watch them right here. And tune into Discovery on Wednesday for the season one finale.

Source: Discovery