Gas Monkey Garage: Fast N’ Loud New Season Debuts On Discovery Tonight!

(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Dodge)
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Dodge) /

Ready for some Gas Monkey Garage action? The new season of Fast N’ Loud is ready to roll on October 16, 2017 on Discovery with some major changes.

Aaron Kaufman may have left the show and planning a comeback with 2018’s Shifting Gears on Discovery. But Gas Monkey Garage’s Richard Rawlings isn’t going to be upset enough with that development to pull the plug on his hit series. Fast N’ Loud is back with an all-new season and some big changes in the cast, crew and overall show layout.

From the trailer, what we can infer is that Richard Rawlings will be anchoring the show with his always-affable personality. But he’ll be having some new builders coming in to add to charm of the show and to fill in the shoes left behind by Aaron Kaufman. Big Mike Sajid and Brian Bass are confirmed to make appearances in episodes and probably, Rawlings must’ve found the space to accommodate some more faces to surprise his fans. (Cough… Kaufman… Cough!)

Aaron Kaufman’s absence will be having its impact for sure, as many viewers tuned in to watch the show because of the Bearded Wonder. But hey, since there is a healthy time window separating Kaufman’s Shifting Gears (set to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2018) and the latest season of Gas Monkey Garage, we don’t think the former co-hosts are going to lock horns for viewer shares. Plus, Shifting Gears which will be filmed at Kaufman’s Arclight Fab facility is being touted to be different from Fast N’ Loud in content and treatment.

Gas Monkey Garage Fast N Loud Richard Rawlings
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Dodge) /

The teaser video of Fast N’ Loud’s new season looks exciting with some great cars and challenges in the mix. After all, it’s the builds which are going to get the viewers hooked to the show in the long run. The whole idea of transforming a 1973 Chevy P30 Step Van into a hot rod looks alluring enough to check into Discovery at 9 PM on Mondays. And yes, a 1965 Shelby Mustang is also involved down the lane, which means I’m going to be following up on the episodes voraciously.

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It’s indeed the beginning of a new era for Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud and we can’t wait to see how Richard Rawlings will take the show back to its roots, makes profits and yes, create some dazzling cars in the process.

Source: Deadline