Amphibious Terra Wind Motor Coach Doubles As A Yacht

Courtesy: Leon Neal/Getty Images
Courtesy: Leon Neal/Getty Images /

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV is a first-class coach that is as comfortable on water as it is on dry land. With a highway speed of up to 80 mph and up to 7 knots on the water, you won’t have to choose between a vehicle or boat.

There are some outrageous motor homes out there like the Marchi Mobile eleMMent we recently covered. It seems like the possibilities are endless and one is more “out there” than the next. It may be hard to beat the Terra Wind, though. This is because this first-class motor home actually doubles as a yacht – eliminating the need to choose between a vehicle or boat.

The Terra Wind is a luxury RV that can hit the interstates at up to 80 miles an hour, and can also move through lake waters at 7 knots. You read that right; this RV floats.

Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI) of Ridgeland, South Carolina created the amphibious RV around 10 years ago, but is still looking for sales.The owner, John Giljam, has had some interest from potential buyers now that the economy is getting back on its feet. The reason why buyers haven’t exactly begun lining up for this “floater home” may be due to its whopping $850,000 price tag.

You may be wondering to yourself how John Giljam came up with the idea of an RV that can move on land and water.

He and Julie Giljam have been creating pretty awesome amphibious vehicles since 1999, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. The Terra Wind, however, might be their most interesting creation yet. They basically took two of the most comfortable and relaxing ways to travel, motor homes and yachts, and put them together to make a transformational superstar.

According to USA Today, Giljam said:

"“Our business is amphibious vehicles. I wanted to build an RV as well, so I thought, why not make it float?”Giljam goes on to say that, “We just wanted to be able to go out on the water anytime we wanted,” Giljam said. “It’s been a whole lot of fun!”"

Apart from its amphibious traits, this is a typical RV in a lot of ways. It features comfortable furnishings with a modern kitchen that contains a full-size refrigerator, wash and dryer, and trash compactor.

The padded leather dashboard resembles the cockpit of aircraft with a slew of instrument gauges and system controls. The on-board computer docking system features Internet access, GPS, moving maps, and navigations charts – all of which are standard equipment.

The Terra Wind amphibious RV can be custom designed to fit virtually any decor. This can come in the form of extensive floor plans, entertainment systems, furniture, graphics, electronics, and the works. The price, of course, is dependent on the options chosen. The Terra Wind shown on CAMi’s website here is approximately $1.2 million.

If you are wondering how exactly this “transformer” works. Well, here it is.

This RV’s marine heritage is ubiquitous. It is obvious from the heavy-weight, heavy-weight, military-grade aluminum hull below the water all the way up to its high-end fiberglass shell above deck with polished teak cabinetry.

The 32,000-pound RV is fully loaded. It basically shifts its power from the wheels to a pair of 19-inch bronze propellers when it goes on the water. For added stability, there is a pair of pontoons on either side of the vehicle. Please note that the Terra Wind is meant for fresh water like lakes and streams; it is not intended for use on the ocean.

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Taker a closer look at the Cool Amphibious Manufacturing International (CAMI) Amphibious Motor coach below.

Turn your motor home into a boat with the Giljam’s innovative RV. See the clip below for more information regarding this conversion.

What do you think about the Terra Wind? It may be a little over the top, but can definitely come in handy for those adventurous types. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.