Update Update: Tesla Model 3 Now Consumer Reports Recommended

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(Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Tesla just missed a Consumer Reports recommendation on the Model 3. Then, Elon Musk got them to retest after an update.

The Tesla Model 3 is now on the Consumer Reports Recommended list due to an over-the-air update.  I initially covered the company missing the bar just barely and then had an update to that later that day.  Well, now I have an update to the update.

Initially, Consumer Reports had cited braking issues as the prime reason the Tesla Model 3 did not get recommended.  Under emergency braking situations, the Model 3 averaged a much longer stopping distance than any other car in its segment.

Elon took exception to this.

As with everything at Tesla, technology takes precedent.  The company was able to push an over the air update to the fleet of Model 3s to fix the issue.

The problem was in the antilock braking system and somehow a software update was apparently the fix.

Elon Musk was very quick to note that the car tested by Consumer Reports was a very early in-production model.  The other issues noted by Consumer Reports were rough ride and difficult controls.  The control difficulty is something that I don’t think can be changed; however, until the other day I didn’t think brakes could be updated with software either.

This will be a huge boost for Tesla.

Tesla has run into some issues with Model 3 production and still hasn’t turned a profit at all. There has also been talk of quality issues in the cars throughout the whole Tesla range.  Elon Musk bet the future of the entire company on the success of the Model 3.

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The news from Consumer Reports isn’t a huge step in the right direction for the company.  Though, Elon can sleep easier at night with how many people look for that recommendation. It definitely is important.